Thursday, 31 March 2011

Amber Sterling Silver Ring and Production Shots

Yesterday, while I was making this Amber and Sterling Silver ring, I took photos of my process along the way. I thought I would show you freeze frames of how I go about my creative process. I didn't have anyone around to take the pictures for me, so I had to set myself up in a way that I could work and snap photos at the same time. (It wasn't easy, let me tell you.) For the record, I don't in anyway call myself a Silversmith. I don't have the diploma to back that title up. I am however, a self taught jewelry artist who practices Silversmithing techniques. I taught myself (and still learning I might add), through tons of instructional videos, pouring over many books, and more importantly, practice, practice, practice. I screwed up many pieces along the way, but that is how I learned. Oh, and did I mention patience? .....not one of my strongest virtues :) 

This Sterling Silver and Amber ring is very dainty and lightweight. Amber has such a beautiful glow, and a wonderful organic nature to it. For more info on it, you can view the listing in my Etsy shop, just click on the link below.

and for the process.....

I cut my piece of silver to size

bend it to make the ends meet and create
a smooth, tight seam
solder the seam 
once the seam is soldered then I can shape
the ring on a mandrel to make it round
I prepare the fine silver bezel
(it is what holds the stone) with flux so I can
join by soldering the bezel and ring together

I position them together on my solder board
solder the two together
throw it in the pickle
(crock pot of vinegar and salt)
to remove firescale from the metal 
remove it from pot 
put it in the tumbler for a few hours to
harden the silver and polish it to a
brilliant shine
final step, add Amber to the bezel securely
and burnish it smooth

there are other steps in between these, but I didn't want to bore you with all the details ;)

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