Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Long Road Trip

We decided to take a road trip down to Ft. Lauderdale Florida for the March Break and to celebrate my father-in-laws 80th birthday there as well. Now although I'd much rather fly than drive, the road trip being a very, very long one, was fun too. A lot of singing, laughing and bonding time with family, along with quiet moments to take in the landscape and reflect.

Living in Canada has many wonderful attributes such as beautiful landscapes, a health care system, and the wonderful seasons that each gives us something special. Summer gives us hot, muggy and sunny weather, Fall arrives with much needed cooler air, a relief from the heat of summer along with a glorious display of fall colored leaves. Winter although gives us a lot of cold, it also gives us beautiful blankets of white snow and a sense of purity, together with an abundance of winter sports activities. Finally Spring arrives with a renewal of life with newly formed buds and flowers, along with sunshine and the first sounds of chirping birds.

What Canada does not give us is.......

PALM TREES!!!!!!!!

I don't know what it is about palm trees that just screams out  FUN IN THE SUN!!  They are so beautiful especially when the wind hits the leaves and they make that beautiful rustling sound.
I just love them.

This is a picture I took of the shadow the palm tree cast on the sand. I thought it was pretty interesting. And no my head is not that big! I was wearing a hat.

I took some night shots of the palm trees. I love the way they look when the light hits them in contrast with the night sky.

Some pretty flowers.....

Bananas anyone?

Some critters you definitely don't see in Canada. I think they're funny as they scurry in and out of the foliage by the pool.

We came across a man on the beach with his gorgeous parrot and since I love birds, asked if we could take pictures with her.

I am laughing because the parrot was chewing on my hair and my daughter and nieces started laughing. Well, wouldn't you know, the parrot imitated the girls and started laughing too! No joke. Birds are too funny and too smart for their own good.

Taking an evening stroll and doing some window shopping. How comfortable would that dress be to wear?

I love the outdoor lanterns along the streets.

This store front in Miami was quite unique. It is a clothing store and has rows upon rows of antique sewing machines in their front windows.

More window shopping. I love the simplicity of this store front.

This painting hung on the wall of a little ice cream shop in Miami. I think it's great.

Well all good things must come to an end.

Some random photos from our car while driving back through Virginia. A very picturesque state.

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