Friday, 4 March 2011

My First Post...

 I never thought that I would have a blog about my life, my art. I have always been a relatively quiet person. More of a thinker than a talker. More reserved than out there. The reason I started a blog is to do the opposite of what I am used to. To step out  of my comfort zone. Letting people know who I am and what it is that I do. Lets face it, in todays world, more and more people are shopping online. I decided to jump on the band wagon several months ago and opened up my first online store with Etsy. For those of you who are not familiar with Etsy, let me tell you. Etsy is an international marketplace for artists to sell their handmade products to anyone in the world. It has to be handmade by them, the seller. The only exception is if you are selling vintage items or supplies. There are tons of talented artists selling their beautiful artwork on Etsy. From jewelry to clothing, to candles and soaps to woodwork and pottery. The list goes on and on. Handmade was all that was known not that long ago, but somewhere down the road got tossed aside to make way for the much faster and sometimes cheaper manufactured assembly type items. Not that there is anything wrong with that in todays world, but I think that most people enjoy knowing that they have purchased something that someone made with their hands and not from a machine. So to make a long story even longer, I wanted my customers to know a bit about me, that there is a real person behind the online store front. I am a wife and mother to two children, (well not children exactly), young teenagers and a dog named Remy. I work primarily with sterling silver and copper and I love to incorporate semi precious stones, crystals and pearls into my designs.

Above are a few of my recently listed items in my shop.

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