Sunday, 27 March 2011

Orbit Argentium Silver Earrings

My handcrafted "Orbit" dangle earrings are created using Argentium Silver and Sterling Silver combined. The "Orbit" part of the earrings are made using Argentium Silver and the ear wires are made from Sterling Silver.

A little factoid about Argentium Silver:
Argentium Silver is described as "the finest silver". The reason being that Argentium is always purer than traditional silver as it is offered in two grades of quality, 93.5% and 96% pure silver, while traditional sterling silver is 92.5%. Argentium's natural colour is much whiter, and is brighter than traditional silver. Traditional sterling silver that is sold in the high street quite often is plated with a thin layer of pure silver to give the temporary illusion of being whiter than it really is. Argentium however has the whiteness of pure silver through and through.  Argentium is also easier to keep clean than traditional silver as it is far more resistant to tarnishing. The company behind Argentium say it guarantees that it is has a responsible and green policy and that Argentium is only made from recycled silver. The raw silver used is never mined. Argentium is also nickel free.

I will be listing these earrings in my shop tomorrow :)

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