Monday, 7 March 2011

Sterling Silver Hoop Button Earrings

These Sterling Silver Hoop Button Earrings are great everyday earrings and one of my favorites. They are so versatile that you can sleep in them and shower with them on as well. So light weight you can't feel them at all. They are also great if you have multiple and/or Tragus piercings.  I wear mine all the time. I just love them!

They are handmade by me using 18 gauge sterling silver wire. Typical ear wires are 20 gauge which is slightly thinner but I love to use 18 gauge because it's firmer and has more presence to it.  In order to create these lovelies, I heat up the end of the wire with my torch (carefully, silver has a mind of its own sometimes when it is in a liquid state) until I achieve a ball like end that I am satisfied with. The ball ends are then hammered to give them a faceted surface giving the sterling more sparkle.

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