Monday, 7 March 2011

Wine, Dinner, Great Company and of Course Art and Jewelry

So last evening was our wine party night. What's wine party night you ask? Well my great friend Carolynn came up with the concept and started the whole event. We are 5 couples who partake in the wonderful evening of great wine, great food and a lot of loud talking and laughs. It goes like this.... 

The couple who is hosting picks a country (lets say for example France). They (the hosting couple) then put together a menu of French foods and French wines. The hostess informs everyone of what food item they are to bring and we show up at their place and have a wine party!  We all take turns hosting the evening and what is great about it is that we plan for every two months so it is ongoing. No excuses. We are now in our tenth year of wine parties and they are a great time. Last evening Carolynn and Leny hosted.

and for the art......Did I mention my dear friend Carolynn is also an artist? Take a look at some
of her wonderful paintings.

one of her more recents..... a painting of her two boys

isn't she talented?

For the jewelry.... some more items listed in my shop. Some newer some older.

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