Wednesday, 20 April 2011

50 Posts and Counting

Well I didn't realize that I actually hit my 50 post mark, (well a little over 50). That may not seem like any tremendous feat to some, but for me it's something. I can't believe I had 50 posts worth of something to say. I guess at some point we all have things to say, somedays more, other days, not so much. (Well I'm speaking for myself on that one). I admire writers. How words flows out of them so freely, how they articulate their words, how their paragraphs melt into one another, enticing the reader to keep reading. Writing truly is an art form. I hope to achieve a greater quality of writing through this blog, as it forces me to think about what it is I want to say and how I put it into words. Writing is something that I was never really great at in school, perhaps through this blog I will develop my skills further, after all, I believe there is nothing wrong with wanting to better oneself, and even if I don't succeed at it, I know I'll of had fun trying :-)

photo taken on a family trip to Hawaii

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