Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blue Lace Agate & Sterling Silver Ring

Okay here is one of the pieces I worked on yesterday.  I mentioned the other day that I would be creating my own silver bezel setting for one of the Blue Lace Agate cabochon stones that I purchased a while back.  I'm really pleased with how the ring turned out. The Blue Lace Agate measures 16mm in diameter and the sterling silver ring band is 12mm wide making this ring quite a substantial statement piece. The Blue Lace Agate is such a pretty stone with its light blue color and wavy lace-like pattern.  I will be posting this ring in my shop this week. Just giving you a sneak peak. I've also included some production shots that I took while constructing this ring.

and for the production shots

Blue Lace Agate

This is the silver bezel wall soldered onto a sterling silver backplate. The plate gets sawed away to make it flush with the bezel. (It is black because of the
fire scale from soldering). It all gets filed and cleaned up.

I sawed the silver backplate away and filed it down then soldered it to the band. I didn't take any
pictures of making the band because there are so many steps involved in making a ring, I didn't want
to bore you. :)

After this stage, it gets put into a solution to clean away the fire scale, then it is hand buffed and
thrown into the tumbler to harden and bring out sterling silver's beautiful shine.
Lastly, I give it a light patina to bring out the texture and insert the stone and burnish.

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