Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Denim Blue Lapis and Copper Jewelry Accessorizing

I often hear people say when looking at jewelry: "I wonder what I can wear this with?" Many people not only have trouble visualizing for example, a floor plan, how furniture will look in a room, or even how a new color of paint will look on their walls, but also with putting together an outfit right down to how to accessorize with jewelry. I came up with an idea of putting together a simple "outfit display board" with my handmade jewelry pieces and various articles of clothing which may help some to visualize possible outfit combinations. I will post different combinations from time to time with varying color schemes. Today's color scheme inspiration comes from the "Earth & Sky". Shades of blues from light blue, cobalt and denim to creams, tans and coppers. These colors go very well together and are also pleasing, soothing and calming to the eye. This display board is a simple idea of one outfit combination.

top: Misselfridge, sandals, Geox

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