Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter Surprise

I got a wonderful surprise the other day. I had a lovely Easter lily bouquet delivered to me. It is quite large. It is so large in fact,  that I can't fit it on my kitchen table because it hits my chandelier. Go figure!  It is a white lily plant and the base where the earth and roots are is wrapped in a clear cello wrap which sits in a glass vase. Pretty pink tulle and pastel Easter eggs accent the bouquet. It also has tall twig like shoots with budding leaves. This is what gives it the extra height. Well it is going to make quite a statement centerpiece for my Easter lunch table setting. I took some macro photos (of course) of the bouquet.


  1. Hi! I had to click on the link that you posted on Macro Sunday because that blue flower is amazing...I am so thrilled to see more of your beautiful photography and even cooler jewelry!! Great to "meet" you!

  2. Thanks Jen for the wonderful compliments. It's nice to meet a fellow etsian as well! Love your pieces they are very creative!



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