Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Eyes Have It!

Well today was an interesting day. Let's see, first off I had to call a Wildlife Control Company because Raccoons decided to take refuge in our attic over the evening. Yes, that's right, I said Raccoons. We went to bed and heard loud thumps and banging in our attic that went on over the course of the night. Now this is the first time ever that we had to deal with this sort of problem and since it was very late at night we couldn't do anything about it until the morning. The very nice gentleman that came to my home in the morning from the Wildlife Animal Control Company informed me that it is baby season (great) and it is quite common at this time of year for Raccoons to nest and have babies in home attics. How did they get in you ask? Well, there are air vents on your roof top that are capped off with special covers. Now, the raccoons climb up the wall of your house, that's right, just like a monkey climbs a tree and rips off this cover. Voila, instant access to your attic! Well the gentleman did not find any babies or Raccoons in the attic but he said that they are probably still there, and are hiding in spots in the attic that he cannot see. He installed a one-way door at the entry point so if they still are in my attic, they can leave but they can't come back! Well they are still here, at least we heard them a little while ago but all is quite now. I really hope they left. They are not welcome! 

Also today, I had my eye doctor appointment. All went well, I just need to give my eyes a bit of a break now and then from too much close up work. Seems like I'm straining my eyes a wee bit. I came across this comedian on youtube who is very funny without being crude. I thought it was fitting given my recent eye doc appointment. Watch him, he is quite funny.

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