Thursday, 14 April 2011

Is Silver The New Gold?

It's been a couple of years now that I have become infatuated working with silver. I love all aspects of working with this particular metal. Melting, forming, sawing, filing, the list goes on. There are endless creative possibilities that working with silver has to offer. Possibilities that I haven't even attempted to try. I am self taught and I am learning different techniques everyday and will most likely be taking some silversmithing classes to broaden my knowledge, my craft. Now being a jewelry artist who works primarily with silver and some copper, I have an interest in the silver market and where it is going. I need to buy silver in order to create with it. Since I started down the silver path, the price of silver has more than doubled. Just yesterday I had to order some silver materials and couldn't believe the prices. Some analysts are predicting that silver prices will be more than gold. Because this topic affects me directly, I decided to read up on the subject a little. Now I don't follow any markets whatsoever, I'm a creator, not an analyst, nor am I a professional in the field of the stock market, however this whole topic has peeked my interest significantly. "They" are saying that there is more gold than silver on our planet, that gold is hoarded and that since silver is an industrial commodity, meaning it is used in so many ways such as, computers, cellphones, cameras and so on, that silver is more precious than gold because it is more rare. So what does this mean for the future of silver? Is this in fact true? 

Watch this video below. Some interesting points.

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