Monday, 18 April 2011

Summer Fashion and Jewelry Accessorizing

Thinking of summer, doing away with all the heavy layers of clothing, embracing the warmth of the sun on our bare skin and all the pretty, light outfits for the season. Lightly tanned skin (not too much) would look fantastic with this pretty safari dress from Diane von Furstenberg.

and how about these cute sandals from 
Fendi to go with it?

and what outfit is complete without a little 
jewelry accessorizing?

How about these great dangle earrings

Banded Agate and Sterling Silver

with this statement necklace

Copper disc pendant with sterling silver accent and chain 

and this dynamic bracelet

copper cuff bracelet hand formed 

I love the combination of cream and copper together. 
The different shades of cream are light and refreshing 
for summer, and the copper just gives it that 
hit of color and edgy sheen.

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