Saturday, 14 May 2011

Gardening and Elephants

Today was one of those days where I felt the need to pay some attention to the garden. (When I say garden I don't mean in anyway lavish botanical garden or extensive vegetable garden but just a small and modest backyard garden with trees, grass, flowers and bushes. Now our grass has been looking a little weak the last few years (having a dog with super urine doesn't help matters) so I took it upon myself to try to fix this problem or if anything, just give it a little help. I was doing an internet search on how I could strengthen my grass while using natural products. Well one thing led to another and I came across some photos of amazing topiary artistry, mainly of life size boxwood elephant sculptures. Well the reason why I mention this is, while I was driving to the local garden centre today, on the radio was t.v. personality and animal rights activist, Bob Barker. He was discussing his recent trip to Toronto, (The Toronto Zoo) to be exact, and his push to remove the three elephants and have them sent to a warmer and much larger facility as in the Paws Animal Sanctuary in California. I thought, how ironic? Below are the amazing sculptures of artist Steve Manning. You can view some of his other outstanding creations here.

Aren't they sensational!  A wee too big for my backyard though ;)

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