Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dance Recital and a Bun

This coming weekend my 13 year old daughter will be performing in a dance recital. She has two numbers, one hip hop the other tap. Her tap instructor requests that the girls wear their hair in a bun. Now being that her first dance number will be hip hop and her hair is to be worn down, she will have to create this bun on her own in between sets. My daughter's hair is shoulder length, layered and it isn't terribly thick, so her attempt at trying to create this bun fell short of well, looking like a little knob sticking out of her head. Now being the resourceful girl that she is, 
(she gets this trait from her mother, he he he), she found some unique ways of creating a nice bun 
effect on the net by simply using an old sock.

We took some step by step photos.

Firstly, you have to create the donut.

 Use an old gym sock. (We used my son's worn out one). 
Depending on the shade of your hair, 
you can choose the matching color sock. Place your arm through the sock
and cut open the end where your toes would be.
(do you like my daughters neon finger tips)??!!

Roll up the sock starting from the end that was cut, until you have a little tail as above.

 Wrap the tail end over the part that is rolled up to look like a donut shape. 
You can adjust it with your hands.

Next steps:

1. Make a ponytail with an elastic and place the donut over it.
2. Flip your head over and start spreading the hair evenly over the donut to cover the entire area.

3. Place an elastic band over the donut.
4. Tuck loose hairs under and pin.

Voila! A nice full bun.


  1. How very resourceful! And it looks great, too.good luck to your daughter for the recital.

  2. Thanks Jenni! I think I will try it on myself and thanks also for the best wishes!


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