Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Macro Love

For those of you who follow my blog, you know I love photography, macro photography in particular. It is the amazingly beautiful surprise of realizing the finite details of a subject that you would not normally see with the naked eye. A while back, I visited a nearby greenhouse and brought my camera equipment with me. They had a separate greenhouse solely for cacti. I tried to capture the detail of these particular cacti, the spines, areole and glochids. This is my ode to the cactus...


areoles and spines

there is a tiny pebble caught between the ridges and spines of this cactus just to give you an idea
of the close-up of this shot


  1. Kathy, your cactus shots are amazing, I love them all - such wonderful detail and little miniature worlds. Also, I have learnt a new word - glochid! A good one for scrabble!

  2. Thanks Jenni. It's true, macro takes you into a whole other world. Just remember to think of me when "glochid" serves you up some nice points in scrabble, LOL!


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