Friday, 10 June 2011

My Workspace

I always find it fascinating seeing how other people work. Their process, their workspace. 
My workspace is very modest, but it works for me, for now. I don't have all the fancy tools, but I am collecting as time goes on. I could use some shelves, as everything is on my bench and gets very messy and in my way at times. I don't like clutter, but when I am working, I tend to throw things around. I was working on two bezel settings last night, and called it quits at midnight. I know that is late, but I am that way at times. I left my mess without tidying up, okay, just a little. How do you work? Are you messy, or organized?

My husband built me this exhaust contraption. It may not look pretty, but it works amazingly. There are toxic fumes that are produced when soldering that are obviously harmful to inhale. A fume extractor is very important, but to buy one can be costly. My husband bought a heavy duty fume extracting fan and attached ducting to both ends. One end is directly over my soldering station, the other end is attached to my window above my desk. When I want to solder, I simply flip the switch (which he also added) and the fan goes on sucking away all the nastiness right outside. Brilliant!
( there's a whole lot of handmade going on in this household :)

What I was working on last night. The larger stone is a mossy green colored Amber which will
become a pendant, and the other is an orange Carnelian which will become a bracelet with large links. I haven't made a bracelet in a while so I think I'm overdue!

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