Monday, 13 June 2011

New Pieces - Baltic Amber Necklace and Orange Carnelian Bracelet

These are the pieces I was working on the other day. It's funny how when working with sterling silver, how awful it looks while you're in the process. Between the firescale from soldering and the flux residue, you wonder, how can this dirty, burnt looking metal turn into something so shiny and gleaming? Well it does.

process shots - before

and after...  
Orange Carnelian and Sterling Silver Chain Link Bracelet

Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

(this pretty Amber gemstone reminds me of Orange Marmalade with all the delicious slivers of orange peel mixed in)


I received a new shipment of gemstone cabochons

they are:  Petrified Palm Wood, Script Stone, Lapis, Stone Canyon Jasper, and Azurite Chrysocolla

what will they become? You'll have to wait and see :)

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