Thursday, 2 June 2011

Scenes of the Day

Took my camera out, ( it's always out lying around somewhere so what am I saying). 
Here are some snap shots of the morning.

I've been waiting for my peonies to bloom, oh and look, those pesky ants!

Actually, these ants serve a purpose for these beauties. (Mother Nature doesn't create anything without a purpose, right)? Well maybe just a few creatures like those wasps, and mosquitoes and black flies, and slugs and.... I know, I know, they all have a reason for being too. Anyhow, back to the ants and peonies. 
There is a lot of hulabulub about this topic with the myth being that peonies need ants on them in order for the buds to open properly. Apparently this is not so. The peonies secrete a sweet sap which attracts the ants. The ants purpose is to eat all the other harmful insects that are also attracted to the peonies sap. Has anyone heard of other myths or factoids?

Oh, I have these days occasionally. (I suppose I should fill the pot with a plant).

well who is this?'s Remy

why so glum, chum?


It is great hearing from you!