Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Goings On

I've been busy trying to get myself organized for my show this coming Monday. I've been creating a few more pieces (primarily in copper), just to have an assortment of metals. I'm not quite sure how many pieces I actually need to bring. I will be however closing my Etsy shop on that day because I will be bringing most of my items and all the other pieces that I did not list in my shop to the show. I will reopen my shop a day or two after, once I can take inventory of all my pieces remaining. (Wishful thinking I will sell lots but really keeping my expectations low). Not everyone that attends these shows come to shop. Many come to browse and get out for a while. In any case,  I am really looking forward to the day and I know it will be a great experience for me.

Here are some pieces I created recently.

Copper pendant with hammered tiny discs and added patina - Corilu Designs 2011

Hand sawn Copper dangle earrings with hammered discs and patina - Corilu Designs 2011

Hand formed and hammered Copper oval discs with sterling silver rings and ear wires
Corilu Designs 2011

Three hand formed and hammered intertwined sterling silver rings on sterling silver chain
Corilu Designs 2011

Also, we have been bird sitting my girlfriends budgie while she is on vacation. Not sure what to make of Remy though. He has a real interest in the bird. We don't know if he is thinking, friend or food?

I think his licking of his lips kinda gives it away ;)

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