Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Bird In The Hand

August Break - Day 4

I was in my backyard yesterday watering my flowers when I heard a thump. I turned around and found this...

on the ground, this beautiful bird, motionless as if it were paralyzed. You can see how close I got in taking this photo. It didn't flinch. I stood there watching it, hoping it would move, but it wouldn't. I did not know what was wrong with it or what to do. I waited for ten minutes then went and got my gardening gloves to pick it up and perhaps feed it some water. As soon as I picked it up in my hand, it flew away into a tree. I'm assuming it flew into my window, then fell to the ground, stunned.

I did some research and found out what type of bird it is. It is called a Cedar Waxwing. It's it a beauty?
(Have you figured out yet that I love birds)?

So, as an ode to this pretty Cedar Waxwing, I curated my first ever treasury list on etsy :-)

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