Monday, 8 August 2011

Canada's Wonderland

August Break - Day 3 (really day 6, I missed a few...oops)

I brought my daughter and her friend to Canada's Wonderland the other day. (I felt like a third wheel) honestly, I didn't go on any rides. Anything that spins turns my stomach, and anything too high scared me. Okay, I'm a chicken, but that's alright I'm good with it. I get my rush from keeping my feet planted firmly on the ground and creating. (that's not to say I don't do any rides, just not the one's they go on) ;-)

The Behemoth......Canada's biggest, fastest and tallest roller coaster at over 5,300 feet (1,616m) in length and 230 feet (70.1m) tall, following a 75 degree drop reaching speeds of 125 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds....yeah, no thanks.

(my kids are bugging me to try it)

This is only a partial view of the entire roller coaster, it is absolutely huge!!! But check out the 
75 degree drop (sorry the tree is partly in the way).

The Windseeker.... Canada's Wonderland's newest ride. A 30 storey swing ride towering 301 feet (91.7m) tall and spreads its metal arms at a 45 degree angle at speeds of 50 kilometers per hour.

by day....

by night... its actually very pretty all lit up with the colors constantly changing.

see you tomorrow.....

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