Tuesday, 2 August 2011


My jewelry show was a success! We had a great day. I went into not knowing what to expect, so I set my expectations really low and in the end, I  was very pleased with the outcome. Besides selling quite a bit of my jewelry pieces, I received wonderful feedback, and the best part was meeting terrific people, both customers and exhibitors. I will most likely do the show again because it was a great experience, a lot of fun, and I got to meet many, many interesting people. Believe me, there were no complaints from me, but the only part that was not so good was that it was oppressively hot and humid, it was sweltering! Really, the heat was so intense yesterday and being in the tent for 8 hours with no air circulation, it was difficult. But we made it, and by we, I mean my husband (who was a tremendous help to me) and my daughter who helped out too. Here are some snapshots of the day......

my set up

my brother-in-law cut this beautiful piece of wood from an old log for me as a prop for my pieces.
(I went for a natural, organic look in my display).

I also brought some of my wool felt and digital print pillows to the show

everyone setting up their booths in the early morning

the setting.....

It was a fantastic day :-)

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