Thursday, 8 September 2011

Work Space, New Tools

I revamped my workspace. I added another station and changed the configuration. It works better for me now. I have a separate soldering station, a fabrication station....filing, sawing, sanding etc.. (the dirty station), and a designing and bezel forming station. I kind of had everything at one bench and it just became too messy and frustrating because all my tools became buried and I couldn't find anything. We'll have to see how long this set up lasts cause I'm always changing things, I am sooo notorious for that...he he he.

 I tidied up before I took the photo (there are usually tools thrown all over the place).


my newest acquisition

a dapping set (used to dome metal)

who thought I'd get so excited over tools! 


  1. awesome space to work at!!

  2. Very artistic designs with a chunky and bold look.have to wear very selected jewelry when choosy any such piece...this become the center of attraction in that case.


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