Tuesday, 18 October 2011

One For Me And Three For You

People often ask me why I don't wear pieces that I make. They say that it would be like free advertising. Well I usually don't make myself anything because when I do set out to create a piece just for me, I quickly change my mind and put it in my shop instead. This time, I made one just for me. I scooped up one of the Tourmaline quartz that I bought at the Toronto Gem and Mineral show and made myself a pendant!

I have more of the Tourmaline Quartz and will be making more for the shop :)

and the three for you.....



Silver Studded Heart

all just listed in my shop : )


  1. oh Kathy..we are very much alike! I always end up putting in the shop what I had initially started making for myself!lol...
    You kept a gorgeous piece for yourself ;)

    I also love the Peridot pieces!

  2. Thanks Jenny! What's that saying? "the shoemaker always goes barefoot"
    LOL!!!!! I guess we are like that!!


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