Thursday, 27 October 2011

Work and Play

It's been a little slow in the production this week. I got stricken with the dreaded MIGRAINE and it has lasted more days than I would like. It's that time of year when the weather is changing and it is not quite sure whether it wants to be warm or cold. The instability of this weather pattern wreaks havoc on my brain.  I did manage to create some though.  I was fiddling around with some ideas on a ring featuring a pretty round Amethyst gemstone last night and took some production shots.

There isn't one particular way in which I work. Sometimes it starts with an idea and I sketch it out along with some other variations, and sometimes I create as I go, just letting ideas come to me by playing around with pieces.

I created the ring band (needs cleaning and polishing) and I melted pure silver pieces into tiny shiny balls. Soldering tiny pieces such as these balls is tricky because I sweat solder the pieces first meaning I add solder to the piece and then position them where I want and solder the whole thing together. The tricky part is since these pieces are so small, there is a fine line between soldering the pieces together and ending up with a puddle of silver. You have to be very careful not to apply too much heat and melt the whole darn piece that you spent so much time creating!

This is the bezel that I created around the Amethyst stone and the sterling silver sheet that I use by sawing out shapes and then filing and polishing.

for the play.....

Going for walks, taking in the last remnants of fall and its glorious colors. I know in some parts of Canada and the U.S. they have already seen snow!  We are still holding on here but it is getting COLD!


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