Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dear Friends

I have a couple of dear girlfriends who are in my opinion, very talented artists. One of them, Carolynn, I met just over 20 years ago. We worked together as Graphic Artists for a huge chain grocery store for about 10+ years. I have featured her amazing work here on my blog before. I won't deny that I have been a little lets just say for lack of a better word, PUSHY with both of them about getting their art noticed, out there for the world to see. Christine, we met shortly after becoming moms for the first time at a mom and tot program with our daughters who were just one year olds at the time. Christine was heavily into sewing as she studied and worked in the fashion industry just prior. Well many years have come and gone and we have all evolved in our own way and have chosen different paths of expressing our creative outlets. Carolynn has been doing acrylic paintings and Christine has been painting as well and doing quite a bit of pastel work. She has focused on portraitures and I have to say she is quite good at it. She just recently surprised me with a lovely portrait done in pastel of my daughter when she was about 5 years old, (just about 8 years ago.)

my baby girl :)

Christine's baby girl

You can check out her other work on her blog here.

Keep at it my dear friends, I am your biggest fan!

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