Saturday, 10 December 2011

My Birthday Cake

So yesterday was my birthday. Two nights leading up to it, I was not allowed back into the kitchen once we finished having dinner. My two teenage kids and my husband we up to so good, that's right, I said SO good. They were in the kitchen working on my birthday cake! One night baking the cake, the other decorating it. I had no idea what kind of cake it would be, nor how they were decorating it. For two nights all I heard was eggs cracking, flour sifting, the mixer going off, the rolling pin rolling and a whole lot of chatter. When they presented me with my cake last night, I was completely blown away! This is what they made me...... (the photos really don't do it justice at all)

A three layer red velvet cake with cream cheese and butter cream icing topped off with fondant covering the whole cake. They added fondant flowers, a fondant ribbon and a twisted rope of fondant wrapping the entire cake. I think I'm one pretty lucky girl! I'm so proud of them. I know I thanked them a thousand times but, thank you again my sweets, It was the best gift ever!
I love you.


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