Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Old Christmas Card

I have been trying to clean up my files on my computer lately, because Lord knows I have thousands of photos stored away that need sorting and purging. While doing so, I came across a Christmas card that I created back in 2006. I took a photo of my kids in the backyard and with the aid of Photoshop I superimposed them into the background. I remember this took quite some time because I was just learning photoshop. I had to redo the lighting on my kids to try to match the lighting of the background. Oh and by the way, the pengquins, they were cut out and pasted one by one into the scene as well. I remember having a lot of fun creating this card (which I mailed out to all my family and friends).

It's nice to stumble upon these pieces of the past as reminders of them that have otherwise been forgotten. 


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