Friday, 20 January 2012


Where does my inspiration come from? Anything and everything can inspire me. It can be the pattern formed of glistening water droplets that lay on a fallen leaf at my feet while taking my dog for a walk. It can be the random shape taken on of a particular tree branch. It can also be the invariant contour of a succulent plant that gets my mind churning. On occasion, as an artist, I can get into a rut, a creative unease. There are days when I feel exhausted, not wanting to create anymore, ever.  Who am I kidding. This is who I am. A creator, a maker of things, beautiful. Since I am an extremely visual person, gazing at other artists works is enough to recharge my batteries, enough to re inspire me and excite me to start creating. I recently stumbled upon the work of photographer Kirsty Mitchell, an extraordinary artist. Her story of how she began this journey is very moving and her deep passion, determination and dedication to her craft is awe inspiring. Below is a sample of her photography, but check out her website and you can read about her journey and all the hard work and devotion that goes behind every one of her photo shoots.

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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