Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Good Deed

Early Friday evening, I was driving to go and pick up my daughter from dance class. I was just approaching the intersection to turn down on when I couldn't believe what I saw. Two baby goslings in the middle of the road! They were moving together but right in the middle of traffic! I couldn't bare to see these babies getting run over so I put my car in park and ran after them. I tried shushing them to the side and up onto the grass but to no avail. Thankfully, a woman and her daughter pulled up next to my vehicle and stopped traffic as well. I ended up having to scoop them up in my hands and gently placed them up onto the grass. I ran back to my car as there was a loooong line up of cars waiting to get by. They were probably wondering what that crazy lady was doing in the middle of the road! I quickly picked up my daughter informing her of what happened and hurried back to make sure those babies didn't end up on the road again. We found them running like crazy down a parking lot. I told my daughter that we should take them home as it was going to be cold that night and they would not survive. We scooped them up and wrapped them in a blanket and my daughter held onto them in the backseat. My gosh, they were sooo cute!  All soft and fuzzy, cheeping away. So adorable. How can you not help a baby animal that has lost it's way?  I think I drove a block when we noticed two adult geese hanging out at the side of the road. We thought that they might be the parents, so my daughter brought them out to them one at a time. It's funny, as soon as the goslings saw these geese, they calmed right down and stayed with them, not running around frantically like they were before. We stayed a while to observe them and everything seemed okay. Where these geese their parents? I don't know. They didn't seem too interested in the goslings, but they didn't scare them off either. We are not sure whether we made the right decision to leave them there with the adult geese since we were not sure that they indeed were the parents or whether we should have brought them home. We were just trying to do the right thing.

I sure hope they survived and are okay.

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